How To: Download free mp3's to your PSP

Download free mp3's to your PSP

In this tutorial, Zain will explain how to download free mp3's from your PSP to your PSP. All you need is a wireless connection, and a PSP. First, go to your internet browser. You can enter on Kohit for downloading free music. There you have search box where you can write the title of the song you want. Type it there and then click 'go'. A song list will appear on the web page. Click on the song you want to download. Now click on 'Download now'. Go to options and click on 'Save Link Target'. You can put the name and destination music. After that, press save. It will start downloading your song. If Kohit doesn't work, you can try .Click on 'Mp3 music' from the top of the page. Write in the Search box the song you are looking for. Click on 'Search mp3'. On the song list that will appear, click on the song you want. You will automatically be asked if you want to save the song. If yes, highlight the word 'YES'. Don't change the name of the song. You can press now 'Save' and it will start downloading. Enjoy your music!

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