How To: Unbrick a fully bricked PSP

Unbrick a fully bricked PSP

The video explains how to unbrick a fully bricked PSP using a hard modded pandora battery and magic memory stick. This method does NOT need a 2nd custom PSP. Your PSP is fully bricked if it is not powering on/no recovery. You won't need anything else other then a PC (OS must be XP for the MMS creator to work, VISTA doesn't work) a bricked PSP and a 1gb memory stick. In order to create the Magic Memory Stick, you'll want to go here and follow the instructions.

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it said that you can't use windows vista in this mms (magic memory stick) had anyone tried using dos box instead of cmd prompt if you're using windows 7 or vista its just my suggestion because as i remember dosbox is like a virtual machine .

is anyone agree ??

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