How To: Hack your PSP without CFW

Hack your PSP without CFW

Hack the PSP or Playstation portable handheld game console. You need a Pandora battery, a 2 GB memory stick and a PSP. You are hacking the firmware of the PSP. You will turn the official firmware from the 3.80 into M335. You can downgrade if you have v 4.0 or higher firmware. Don't hard mod a battery, buy a second Pandora battery. This will take an hour to complete. Make a magic memory stick!

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what the hell is a magic memory stick for. what the hell can we do with it fool!!

how can i run a rar file game on my psp?

where do you get the file Magic Memory Stick?

Didn't cover your mac address fast enough in the last vid....OOOOPSY!!!!!

And you other three commenters are complete tards!!! Why ask stupid questions,when google will answer them.And the complete moron who asked what it was after watching the WOW...Complete Retards. Good vid tho guy.Wont work for me tho,i have a 3001,still waitin for it to be hacked

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