How To: Install the game categories plugin to organize a PSP

Install the game categories plugin to organize a PSP

Game categories v3 plug-in is a must have plug-in for PSP users and this video shows how to install it. Using this plug-in, you will be able to put your home files, games, applications and all other stuff organized in sub-folders under "Game folder". The plug-in has two modes. The first mode is Muti-MS mode and the second one is Pre-Game-Menu mode. The Multi-MS mode makes a separate memory stick icon pop up for each category you have and choosing one can enter the appropriate category. There will also be an uncategorized option for all the other stuff which is not categorized. In the Pre-Game-Menu mode, a small vshmenu-style menu will pop up every time you enter the Game menu where you can select your category, which shows you all files under that category. Now the instructor will show you how to set this up using a live demonstration. This video shows how to install game categories on your PSP to organize your games.

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