How To: Install IR shell 3.9 on a PSP with 3.80m33-

Install IR shell 3.9 on a PSP with 3.80m33-

Do you own a Playstation Portable? There's a number of things you can customize on your PSP with the right tools. A few things you can do with an IR Shell: you can stream files via WiFi or USB and play MP3's while in game. If you're interested, take a look at this instructional video and learn how to install the latest IR Shell 3.9 onto your PSP. Keep in mind that this IR Shell only works if you have the custom firmware 3.80m33 on it.

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does 3.90 have ISO in it??

wait wrong question what i mean is ...will my psp go to 3.90 version? or will it still be 3.80 with 3.90 ir shell with it???

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